Should You Consume Caffeine to Lose Weight?

People seeking to lose weight are typically anxious to hear about any trick to make weight loss easier. One way to help speed weight loss is to find ways to speed up the metabolism, so that more calories are burned in a day.

Research has shown that caffeine is effective at speeding up the metabolism, so that you burn more calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine stimulates many body functions, including the heart rate, central nervous system function and metabolism. In addition, caffeine may decrease the appetite short term. So, adding caffeine may be an effective way to jump start weight loss. There are some things to consider, however:

You may see no effect if you’re already a caffeine consumer. If caffeine is already a part of your daily diet, you would likely need very high doses of caffeine to increase your metabolism above the level at which it already functions. However, those who don’t regularly consume caffeine may see some benefit. [Read more…]

Caffeine Blues – Caffeine Withdrawal Anxiety

Here is another excellent article from a contributing author in regards to caffeine withdrawal anxiety and its side effects. Here at caffeine withdrawal .org we hope to provide our readers with up to date information and article in regards to caffeine and caffeine withdrawal symptoms

Caffeine Blues

By Stephanie Relfe

Okay, I know this article won’t be popular. Most of us are so addicted to Caffeine that we don’t want to know about it. I am writing this because when “Caffeine Blues” by Stephen Cherniske M.S.came out I just knew I had to read it. Several years ago I began to realize that coffee was much worse than we had been told, because I noticed that I got an arthritic pain in my wrist within ten to twenty minutes of a cappuccino! [Read more…]

Minimize caffeine withdrawal symptoms – a caffeine withdrawal treatment?

Three days ago I switched to decaf coffee and tea. This is in response to my realization that I had developed an addiction and the caffeine is overstimulating my pituitary which is presenting in various symptoms. I started with a headache two days ago that will not go away. I’m also feeling generally lethargic and having withdrawal symptoms.

Any suggestions for minimizing these symptoms? How long will this last?

FYI… I am not a soda drinker. I drink lots of water and I eat a whole foods diet. I also exercise daily.

Major caffeine withdrawal after you have been “sober” for months

and you drink one or two cups of caffeinated coffee? I have gotten so sick after drinking a cup of regular coffee or diet soda after being without caffeine for a long time. Any help out there?

Migranes and The Caffeine Withdrawal Duration

This is another great article from a contributing author on caffeine withdrawal, it’s duration and length, and some of its side effects. Here at caffeine withdrawal .org we hope to provide our readers with the most up to date information on caffeine and its effects.

Caffeine Withdrawal and Migraines

By Darren Williger

When it comes to migraines, or similar “caffeine headaches”, caffeine is one strange drug. The headache associated with a migraine needs to be triggered. This trigger can come in many forms: certain foods, weather conditions, lighting. One of the triggers is too much caffeine consumption. And yet the pain of migraines can also be lessened by ingesting caffeine. Talk about your two way streets!

The number one cause of migraines that are related to caffeine consumption is caffeine withdrawal. The good news is that this presents two methods of using caffeine to actually prevent migraines. The first method is the least difficult in theory, but probably the most difficult in practice: reducing the amount of caffeine you take in. If you don’t take in a lot of caffeine, you don’t suffer much in the way of withdrawal symptoms. It sounds easy because all you have to do is cut down on the caffeine. But saying you’re going to cut your caffeine, wait for a certain duration, and actually going through with it are two different things. [Read more…]

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