Soda Addiction: The Other Side of a Popular Summer Beverage

Around the globe, millions of individuals gobble up cans and bottles of soda each day. Some crave the fizzle of a carbonated drink, others stock up on easily accessible caffeine to stay awake while others only drink for the fun of it on a sunny day. Whatever the reason, close to half of the entire American population (48%) consumes an average of 240 pints of soda each year (Saad, 2012).

The one thing most Americans crave on a hot afternoon is unanimously a cold soda. That and the need to get high on caffeine and sugar are pretty much the only reasons many people take sodas. When consumed sparingly, sodas can help fulfill daily calorie requirements and also provide an energy boost at the time of need.

Otherwise, sodas are unhealthy for the most part, with a combination of ingredients that can pose significant health risks when taken without moderation. Some of these ingredients and their effects on health are described below. [Read more…]

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